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So its a new year…

Its 2009! Finally! Now we can get out butts out of our holiday mood and get back to work!


*scribbles down new year resolution*

If there was one thing that i look back with regret, it would be giving up the fight so easily (read about the back story here).

Given a chance to relive that part of my life, i would have hung on longer - clenched my teeth and run the race to the finish line. With my decision to sell my company, i realise that i had taken a 3 year detour on my entrepreneurial journey.

Fortunately, i have just been given a second chance to get it right. I had recently reacquired eNeighbourhoodStore Pte Ltd. I now have a chance to pick up where i had left off. I am grateful for the web hosting clients and friends who stood by me in this journey.

Not everyone can afford to or be given a second chance. It is truthfully through the grace of God (not to mention the constant whipping of my current business partner) that all this is possible.

Give Yourself A Chance!

The morale of the story is this: Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Give Up. No matter what!

Cos it is the fundamental thing that drives you and gives you strength to carry on forward. By all means, take a break and give yourself a chance to recuperate & rejuvenate. But never ever stop running the race. For its the journey that makes it all worthwhile - not the destination. Of course, reaching a goal is what drives us, but keeping the faith and persevering no matter what - that takes courage.

Business is a Team Sport

Choose a Business Partner that’s willing to kick your ass.

I was woken up by my business partner’s chide the other day - “I don’t work with losers”.

He said it without malice but with a simple matter of fact tone. I teared up there and then. No matter how tough things get, no matter how much we feel like giving up, never give up. And it’s truthfully something extraordinary to have a friend / business partner believe in me so much even after how much i’ve missed the mark. Never lose heart. Never lose faith.

Never give up the fight - fight for its as if its the only thing you’ve got left - for the truth is that it IS the only thing that makes your entrepreneurial life worth living for. Fight for your right to survive, to persevere beyond your natural means. That takes guts and courage.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have some friends along the way. :D


This blog post has been brought to you by the Global Entrepreneurship Week - organised by ACE and NUS Enterprise. It happens between 17 Nov 2008 to 23 Nov 2008. Find out more info at http://www.entrepreneurshipweeksg.org.

PS: This is an Sponsored Review for BLOG2u.

Was off work early one day last week. One of those days where i didn’t have any work meeting planned in the evening.

After a whole day of hard work, i just wanna unwind and grab dinner. I suddenly realise that i needed a dinner companion.

On the way to the bus stop, i messaged D. She works nearby. Figured she’ll want some dinner. However, she wasn’t feeling well and too pissed at her work to eat. Strike ONE.

Decided to go to City Hall. Messaged J cos she hangs out there so often. No response till i reach Raffles City. J couldn’t make it cos she needed to run some errands before her overseas trip. Strike TWO.

Messaged S in the hope that she’s working late and wouldn’t mind grabbing dinner with me before she leaves for home. She was working late, but she had to rush off to some F1 PR event that evening - something she had worked hard on for the longest. She felt bad and promised to make it up to me another day. Strike THREE.

Eventually dined alone at the Food Junction food court.

After sending off my last message to S, i came to a sad realisation. For the whole evening, i was setting myself up for disappointment & rejection. No one likes to be called up like that at such a last minute. No one is THAT spontaneous. Spontaneity doesn’t build a sense of security.

Perhaps its the nature of my work now. I need to focus 100%. No time to think about after-work activities. And by the time i am ready to think about it, i am out of the office door - already too late.

Figured that i can’t afford to allocate time to think for and about a significant other in my life now. If i can’t even make space for someone else in my life, to care for that person, how do i expect others to reciprocate?

Think i’m better off alone. Or perhaps i should just let things happen naturally.

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